1. Magazine Management For IDPA and USPSA Production

    Magazine Management For IDPA and USPSA Production
    IDPA and USPSA both offer great opportunities to practice with your pistol outside of a traditional square range. The main one, performance under pressure, is the biggest thing that most people need out of competition shooting to be a better, and more well-rounded shooter. But, to perform well under pressure, you need to understand how to manage your gear. So...
  2. Short Round Supply Co.: 1 year later

    Tomorrow marks 1 full year since we officially launched Short Round Supply Co. I can absolutely say that it has been a wild ride since we tossed the lever. We’ve shipped thousands of orders, many tons of ammo, and managed to collect over 100, five-star reviews. Things haven’t always gone totally smooth, but we always do our best to ensure...

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