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Shooting Drills

  1. What Size Dot Should I Use For My Pistol?

    Red Dots On Pistols! Although previously reserved only for Race Guns that weren't terribly practical from an everyday cost or carrying standpoint, red dots can now be easily mounted on pistols from most every major manufacturers. Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig, and many others are now offering pistols straight from the factory ready to accept red dots, and some even come...
  2. Drill Of The Week: Doubling Standards

    In this Drill of the Week, B.J takes on defensive and competition shooting with his Doubling Standards While mainly geared toward competition shooters, this is also a great drill for defensive shooting. Here's what you'll need for this pistol shooting drill: Pistol Holster 2 Mags Magazine Pouch 14 Rounds Per Run 3 Targets (IPSC, USPSA, or IDPA work best) Shot...

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