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  1. Brass, Steel Aluminum? What Makes The Best Case?

    Brass, Steel Aluminum? What Makes The Best Case?
    Like most things that people buy, there's considerable debate about what the best metal is for modern, metallic cartridge cases: Brass? Aluminum? Steel? What the hell does it actually mean to me? What’s the best? Well, while there's a clear winner for most situations, there are times you might want to consider stepping outside the norm! Brass: Without a doubt...
  2. You Suck At Pulling The Trigger

    You Suck At Pulling The Trigger
    Imagine this, you’ve taken the slack out of the trigger, your sights are picture perfect, so you pull the trigger to fire the gun right NOW! Yet, you miss. Ever happen to you? Happens to me. Fundamental shooting skills are a topic that is not only commonly discussed, it’s even more frequently misunderstood. The single most important aspect of shooting, above literally everything else...
  3. Comparing Hodgdon Titegroup Vs. Vihtavuori N320

    Comparing Hodgdon Titegroup Vs. Vihtavuori N320
    I know we've got some reloaders out there. This first post in our reloading section was inspired by a Facebook topic... First, let’s establish that there are SIGNIFICANT differences in the chemistry of the 2 powders. Comparing Titegroup to N320 is kind of like comparing Hershey’s to a fine Swiss chocolate. Sure, they’re both chocolate, but a direct comparison is...
  4. Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain?

    Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain?
    I gave serious thought to writing this post in the 3rd person, from the perspective of someone interviewing me, or writing a biography. But the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea, and the more it cemented in my own mind, that you, the customer, want to hear things directly from me. So, with that in...
  5. Ammo Buyer's Guide Part 1

    Ammo Buyer's Guide Part 1
    Thankfully, handgun ammo is probably the most straightforward ammo you can buy. There are 2 predominant uses for pistols, range/training, and personal defense. There are some choices for handgun hunting if you’re into epic adventures, but we’ll cover those later. Range/Training There are a plethora, a veritable cornucopia if you will, of choices for high quality, low cost practice ammo...
  6. Ammo Buyers Guide

    Ammo Buyers Guide
    With over 2,000 different SKUs of ammunition on Short around Supply, figuring out what ammo is right for you may seem a daunting task at first glance. That’s why we created this 3 part ammunition Buyer’s Guide to help you navigate through the different terminology related to rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo, as well as what types are appropriate for...

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