How Do These 2 Red Dots Stack Up?

Without a doubt, the Trijicon SRO was one of the more talked about products from the NRA Show, as it seemed to be the first time that Trijicon really designed a red dot with a pistol as the primary platform in mind.


That being said, some of the dot sizes offered were a little puzzling, with the smallest dot size being down to a 1 MOA. You guys know I’m a fan of larger dots, so I grabbed my Delta Point Pro, and a 2.5 MOA SRO and headed out to the range to see what was up.

Show Me The Pics!

I’ll let you guys draw your own conclusions from the pictures, but I do want do give you the parameters with which I took them.


The target was a standard IDPA  target, and I took them from 7, 15, and 25 yards away on both the head and the body.


Both dots had fresh batteries and were set to full power.


Camera was a Sony A7IIR with a 50MM lens. Exposure settings were adjusted only slightly between sets to account for the storm rolling in.

Close-ups On The Dots

These are the 15 yard body shots, blown up to 100% from the original frame(want to wallpaper your house with a red dot? This camera can do it). 


To me, these are almost the 2 most important frames out of the set. The Deltapoint on the left has a crisp, well defined dot. Additionally, there is very little distortion in the glass, so looking through the scope is about the same as looking around it. This is important in my opinion, since you’re shooting a red dot with both eyes open.


The SRO on the right has some flaring around the dot, which isn’t a huge issue, but there is clear magnification/distortion around the edges of the glass. While I didn’t mount it on a gun and shoot it to see if it caused actual parallax issues, I can’t imagine it’s positive.

Where To Buy The DeltaPoint Pro or SRO?