Pig Sticker. Tennessee Tickler. Shiv. It doesn't matter what fancy name you call a quality blade, it's one of the shooter's best sidekicks. Whether it’s cutting open the next case of ammo, or using it for unspeakable things (like a screwdriver), a quality knife is almost as important a range tool as your gun. Not really a blade aficionado, but want to make sure you get an Instagram worthy knife for that special someone (which includes yourself)? That’s why Short Round Supply Co. put together this handy gift giving guide! Knife To Meet You 2018!

Top Pick

Hogue X1-Microflip

Hogue X-1 Microflip For Sale

Yeah, the same guys who make a grip for just about every handgun on the planet also make sharp, pointy things. In fact, they are some of the best “production” knives on the market. The blade on the X1 measures 2.75”, and is made from the excellent 154CPM steel. This particular steel is known for being able to keep it’s edge even when you’re cutting things like cardboard (ahem, don’t do that), unlike some more run of mill materials that will have you looking for a sharpener in short order.  Complete with a reversible clip for either hand carry, The X1 Microflip from Hogue is available in a variety of blade profiles and colors, so there’s sure to be something to please even the pickiest shooter on your list. Click Here to See All Hogue X1 Microflip Knives For Sale

Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility

Kabar For Sale

There’s not a serious shooter on the planet who can’t appreciate the classic Knife, Fighting/Utility. Originally adopted by the USMC during WWII, the Ka-Bar, as is it more commonly known has seen service in several major conflicts after WWII, and is still in production (obviously) for the commercial market. No, it’s not really practical for anything most people will encounter unless you’re hunting, but there’s still nothing like holding basically the same knife your grandpappy stormed Iwo Jima with. The current production is available with a plain or partially serrated edge, so you can pick your poison. Click Here To See All Kabar Fighting/Utility Knives For Sale!

Kershaw OSO Sweet Folder

Kershaw OSO Sweet

 At less than 25 bucks, the OSO Sweet Folder is almost a no-brainer.  Kershaw has long been known for providing a quality knife at a great value. This model features an ambidextrous flipper and Kershaw’s Speed-Safe system for easy opening with either hand, a reversible pocket clip, and only weighs 4.2 oz. No, it’s nothing fancy, but as something to toss in your range bag or survival bag to ensure you absolutely always have a sharp blade handy, this thing is almost impossible to beat. Click Here To Purchase the Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife

Still don’t see anything that tickles your fancy with our top picks? Well, head on over to our Knife To Meet You category and shop the rest of our picks for the 2018 holiday season!