It’s no secret, the crappiest part of pretty much every semi-auto pistol is the magazine. Any number of problems can completely derail the entire feeding process, and can even effect ejection of the spent case. Most famous among guns with poor magazines is without a doubt the 1911 platform. The original 7 round magazine was designed to feed 230grain round nose Bullets and it did that... And not much else, hollow points and other bullet profiles need not apply. 

Then came the 9mm and other “sub-caliber” 1911s. I use the term since most anything other than 45 Auto is significantly shorter in overall length, which is challenging to deal with at times. This lead to a variety of solutions involving extra parts, different followers, unicorn teams, and summoning demons to get your gun to work. Thankfully, those days are behind us.

Wilson Combat, long known for their high-end 1911s and parts, also happen to make single stack 1911 magazines in most any caliber you want. The latest line of magazines, the Elite Tactical Magazines (ETM), incorporate the latest lessons in design, materials, and craftsmanship to ensure that no matter what caliber or bullet profile, your gun is as reliable as possible under any circumstances. I’ve personally used same eight or nine, 10 round 9mm ETMs for the past 4 years, with multiple hundreds of thousands of rounds fired. Never once have I had a malfunction that I can trace back a to magazine problem. The ETM series will eat any length, any bullet profile, any caliber you can throw at them.

 Yes, I’ll admit to being a bit biased since I’m on the Wilson Combat Shooting Team. But I’ve used WC mags for many years before joining the team or ever meeting Bill and the rest of the Wilson team and I can’t possibly say enough good things about them.

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Wilson Combat Mags

Front of Wilson Combat Mags

Hollow Points and other bullet profiles are no problem for the Wilson Combat magazines. Notice the built in feed ramp to allivate nose down malfunctions on the 9mm magazine.